It now seems a long time ago that we were all together having a great time in Koh Samui….. We have been busy sorting through the masses of pictures that everyone has been kind enough to send us, and we’re enjoying every minute of it, as it keeps the memories fresh!

Click on the picture to look at the pictures.

Thank you all for sending us your pictures, we have been extremely pleased to have such a selection to choose from to have our photobook made. We have added a new section to this site of the pictures that you have sent, so that you can also have your choice, in case you didn’t take pictures, or you just like some that someone else took.

We have posted the pictures in a compressed format on the website, but if you want any of them in their original size (for instance to get printed), you only have to mail us with the section and picture name. For example, you may want to get a picture from Arno’s selection. We will then either burn them to a CD and send to you by snailmail, or email them if practical. Not all pictures have been sent to us in original format, but we'll advise which ones are not when we send you your order…

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